About T-Mobile US

A publicly traded company under the symbol TMUS. It has 42.5 million subscribers. A revenue of $29.6 billion. Both the brands of MetroPCS and T-Mobile are being retained. MetroPCS shareholders own 26% of the company while Deutsche Telekom shareholders own 74%. MetroPCS is continuing to be operated as a separate unit taking advantage of the T-Mobile US nationwide infrastructure.

What employees say

“The reward, benefits and pay.”
“I love the people I work with, everyone is more than willing to help out on projects and shows appreciation for the work I do.”
“It allows me to be me and do what's right for my customers.”
“They treat me like a valuable part of the company and allow me to use my strengths to their best potential.”
“I have endless potential to grow and encouragement to do so.”
Where to find T-Mobile US